Hist Off Podcast

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Fans who follow The Tudorials on social media may be aware that I have a little side project on the go with my bestie in the form of a history podcast.

Now, before you get too excited I should apologise and point out that it’s not strictly about the Tudors. It’s more of a history face off for the ears… if that makes sense. The idea is that we choose a theme each week and pitch off historical stories against each other and our listeners decide who wins. Obviously I try and crow bar in the Tudors where possible so it’s not all shite on my part… oh I should just say too, sometimes we have baby Emmett to keep us in check!

So,if you love the unholy combination of history, potty mouthed northern girls and the occasional cute baby gurgles, then head over to our Podbean site and check us out or click the links below. You can also vote for your faves on our social media pages.


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