October 12th 1537: Happy Birthday Edward

oh Hi there. its my mother flippin birthday

Tudor fact of the day: 478 years ago today, back in 1537, prince Edward was born. The only legitimate son of Henry VIII (despite having 6 wives), and Jane Seymour. He was a really sickly baby, kept wrapped, swaddled and inside for all of his childhood because Henry was totally paranoid that something would happen his only male heir.
A few days after his birth, his mum, Jane Seymour (Henry’s fave wife), died of childbed sickness. Childbed sickness was basically septicaemia contracted after childbirth, usually due to bits of after birth being left in the mum. This tended to happen to the rich more so than the poor. The poor would have experienced women deliver their young (local women/ mums/ aunts etc), the rich would have midwives in hand I case the lady of the house gave birth, hence their only experience came should somebody important become preggo.
So Henry’s fave wife died and he was forced to move into no. 4, (to be fair he did wait a few years). Edward was sent and raised away from court and received the best education Henry could buy. Good job too, cos when Ed was 9, He et kicked the bucket, leaving Ed as king. This was fucking disastrous, and led to a power grasp amongst the piers of the council, a few were made into dead heads.

Edward remained sickly and eventually died in 1553 aged 15, causing a right old shit storm. Jane Grey. Remember her? Edwards fault.  But that’s a story for a different time.
Happy 478th birthday King Edward VI.

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