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The Eyam Plague

This one’s not Tudor related (I’m so sorry).

At the time of writing the UK is on lockdown after the Coronavirus outbreak came to fuck us all over. Living a stones throw away from Eyam, and growing up with aspirations of being a plague doctor (much to the careers advisors dismay), it seemed logical to write about the amazing sacrifice the people of Eyam made by quarantining during the plague.


  • Disability and the Reformation.

So for the past year I have been back at uni studying Disability and Inclusion. Obviously I had to find a way to wrangle the Tudors in somehow, so here is the fruits of my labour. WARNING- there is no bad language, sex OR lack of references in this post. Its straight up academia. If you’re still interested, you can find my essay here.

  • 8th March, 2018: It’s International Women’s Day so Let’s Learn About  Cutpurse Moll 
Image of Cutpurse Moll
  • Tudors in a nutshell -Want to know about the Tudors without spending 6 years reading a history book? Course you do. Click here

Victorian depiction of Anne Neville

Image of the very charming Edward IV

Edward IV is born – want to find out about the dishy king, Edward IV and his badass wife Elizabeth Woodville? Both key players in the wars of the roses, and grand parents to Henry VIII, you can find out about them here.

Want to learn more about history but can’t be arsed to read? No judgment here – I can 100% relate to this. Head over to the Tudorials sister project and give listen to Hist Off podcast a listen. Be warned!!! Its very sweary and unapologetically northern. We’d have it no other way.

As we know you love all things Tudory, may I suggest starting with Episode 7: Crowley V’s John Dee and Episode 12: Roanoake Vs Newgate as a kick off.

Episode 7: Wizards – Aleister Crowley Vs John Dee https://histoff.podbean.com/e/episode-7-wizards-aleister-crowley-v-john-dee/

Episode 12: Places – Roanoke Vs Newgate https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-r3etn-1005933