20th April 1534 – Henry Hangs the Nun

Tudor fact the day: 482 years ago today in 1534, Elizabeth Barton ‘the nun of Kent’ was hanged at Tyburn. Elizabeth claimed to have witnessed divine interventions and be one of Gods BFF’s. She met and advised the king twice was chummy with Cardinal Wolsey (2nd most powerful man in the country and mates with the pope), and highly regarded. All was well and Good until 1532 when she made a prophesy suggesting that if Henry divorced his first wife, Katherine in favour of knobbing that pesky tart Anne Boylen, he would be questioning Gods power. If he ditched Catholicism in favour if a woman and made himself head of the church if England, he would effectively be putting himself above God.

Elizabeth said that if Henry did marry Anne, he would die shortly after and suffer a terrible curse throughout his remaining days. She even had the balls to say this to his face. Obvs she was executed and her head shoved on a spike on London Bridge (the first woman up there so Im told).

To be fair Elizabeth got off lightly. Her sidekick priests were condemned to a traitors death which goes like this: Hung till half dead, their cocks were chipped off and shoved in their mouths, then their stomach and intestines were ripped out and boiled, (dont forget they were still alive and made to watch), then their heart was ripped out and their heads spiked and put in London Bridge. I

n a way Elizabeth was probably right about the King being cursed. He lived 15 years after his marriage to Anne but this ended after 2 years. He also suffered numerous failed pregnancies and still born heirs, only 3 legitimate kids from 6 marriages, he long sough after male heir died at 15, and ulcerated legs all his life which had to be lanced and never healed. Maybe he was cursed.

I found this pic of Elizabeth. Not sure why she looks like she belongs in a knocking shop but hey ho.

I found this pic of Elizabeth. Not sure why she looks like she belongs in a knocking shop but hey ho.

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