8th April 1554: Mary Tudor and the preachy cat

Tudor fact of the day: 461 years ago today in 1554 a cat dressed a a priest delivering mass was found hanged from the gallows in Cheapside, London. It was done by Protestant rebels and portrayed their reluctance to convert back to Catholicism after the reigns of King Henry VIII and King Edward VI (oh and Jane Grey but we wont count her for now).

It was done to piss of the new(ish), catholic Queen Mary (Bloody Mary to you and me, named so because of her fondness of murdering Protestants in the worst ways she could dream up). Anyway it worked. She was royally pissed off and offered a massive reward for anyone who handed over the person who did it, ( I’m guessing it would’ve carried the treason sentence so the perpetrator would’ve faced one of Mary’s fave methods of protty killing, which to be fair would’ve probably been burning alive at the steak. She liked that one).

Anyway, nobody came forward (surprise, surprise), so the at hanger remained a mystery, (I did find an amazing picture of it though. Enjoy)


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