3rd April 1538 – Elizabeth Boleyn dies.

Tudor fact of the day: 477 years ago today Elizabeth Boleyn died. She was Anne Boleyns mum and courtier. Some people think that there is evidence shewas once one of Henry VIII’s mistresses, (which leads to the theory that Henry could’ve in fact been Anne’s biological father but let’s face it, that’s just sheer vom, plus if this was the case I think Henry would’ve been weary of shagging her, even as a man whore he wasn’t stupid).

Anyway, Anne hijacks everything. This is about her Ma. Elizabeth saw 2 of her children beheaded, (with no thanks to her husband and her brother who did shit all to help them) and her other child, Mary, become ‘The English Mare’ and ‘a great whore,infamous above all’. I think Elizabeth was one of the most unlucky mothers of Tudor time…And she was married to a knob. Poor Elizabeth

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