Today in Tudor History: The birth of The Tudorials

So after much debating and playing with ideas, here it is…The Tudorials!

We all know history was boring at school. The good bits got missed out, the gory bits got jumped over, the badasses got portrayed as ‘scoundrels’, and the ‘yes but why did that happen in the first place’ question your teachers could never answer got set as homework. In short, history was sold to us as a boring, fragmented subject that nobody actually gave a shit about. Well, The Tudorials is going to set that straight and tell the history of the Tudors and Plantagenet’s exactly as it was.

I have always loved the Tudors and Plantagenet’s since a child. Whist everyone else made their Barbie look for Ken, mine was having her head pulled off and thrown in the fishpond for high treason. I think its the dark side of these time periods that interests me; the scandals, morally questionable monarchs and sheer ultra cool mother fuckers that gave not one toss about anything that didn’t benefit them.

Anyway, there will be stories of sex, scandal, scrapping and savoury behaviour. This I promise. I intend to post things on the anniversary of the date they happened but not necessarily in chronological order (for example somebody who dies in one story may be alive the following day in another).  I just hope you like it and I don’t cock it up too badly.

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